21 mayo 2008

Nueva Sesión de Fotos de Elizabeth Mitchell

Les dejo la sesión de fotos de Elizabeth Mitchell, correspondiente a la Hawaii Modern Luxury de marzo pasado, de la cual ya teníamos las scans.
Disfruten la elegante sesión de Lizzie.

*Click para ver el resto*

9 comentarios:

samus88 dijo...

Hola. Hermosas fotos. Alguna posibilidad de tenerlas en HQ? Especialmente la 3, 7 y 18. Desde ya, gracias.

Freckles dijo...

Hola Samus88:
No, lo siento sólo poseo las MQ de estas fotos, pero apenas aparezcan en HQ las publicaré.
Gracias por tu comentario.

saraH dijo...

hola, Freckles. ¿usted sabe es descubrir quién se viste el diseñador de éstos?

Gracias tanto por compartir éstos. ¡Elizabeth Mitchell es magnífica!

Freckles dijo...

Hi Sarah, sure, visit this link http://foro-lostchile.blogspot.com/2008/03/elizabeth-mitchell-clsica.html

there are the scans of magazine's photoshoot of Lizzie and the designers, if that is your question.

Take care!

saraH dijo...

here i went to babelfish to tanslate what i wanted to say, and you speak english! LOL!

Freckles dijo...

LOL Sarah! XD!
Well, I try to write and speak a good english, but I don't know if I do it enterily right.
Hope my answer could help you!
Take care!

saraH dijo...

yes, i was able to find who designed 2 out of the 3 dresses they used when they published the photos, but not the rest of the designers for the dresses in the photos that the magazine didn't use.
some of us girls over at darkufo were just curious! thanks for your help!

Straw05 dijo...

Hellllooo...what's happened to the pictures? REally wanted to see the larger versions.
From one Freckles to another....

Freckles dijo...

Hi Straw05:
I don't have the HQ pics, just the MQ.
To see them, you have to click right mouse button and "see picture".
Sorry, when I have the HQ I'll post here right the way.

Thanks for your comments.